DG Message ~ November

Lions, Lioness and Leos of District 14-B:

I wanted to get the November issue of The Cauldron out before I head out to attend the      November State Council Meeting mainly to remind all Club officers of some things that must be done  . . .

OCTOBER MEMBERSHIP MONTH:  To record all your new members before Friday, October 31sr (last day to enter) so that your club gets recognition with special Sponsor pins and Club Banner patches.  Get those NEW LIONS ON THE ROLES!
IRS TAX FILING REMINDER: Each club must file Form 990  by the November 15, 2014 deadline. If you are not sure of your club EIN # it is located on your club MyLCI page under CLUB INFO.  Do this immediately!
2nd CABINET MEETING: Saturday, November 8th, 9 a.m., W. PA School for Blind   Children in Oakland.  Please R.S.V.P.(if you are attending or not attending) DG Jim Hartman by Wednesday,  November 5th.  All committee reports to be Emailed to District Secretary Karen Wonderley by November 5th.  All Club Officers are members of the District Governor’s Advisory Committee and should attend these meetings to learn what is new with LCI, State and District.
PEACE POSTER CONTEST:  All entries must be presented at the November 8th Cabinet Meeting for judging for final entry to be sent to State level judging.

I  am sad to tell my fellow Lions that 2nd Vice District Governor Dan Hupp has resigned his position.  Lion Dan feels that obligations to his job and family were his main concerns in not being able to fulfill the position properly.  Lion Dan will stay with us as Global Leadership District Coordinator and Region 3 Zone B Chairperson.  Thank you Lion Dan for all you have done for our district to make it better.

Now the BIG QUESTION!  Your district needs you!  To step forward and become a future leader for our district.  It is sad that year after year our district leaders come from one area of our district.  Is this area the only one that has a concern for Lionism in District 14-B?  We are all on the same ship and some are trying to keep it afloat.  It gets really tiring doing all the rowing from the same group of Lions.  What would be really nice if we had a District Governor from Region 1 (last one from there was DG Ken Lloyd from the Cheswick-Springdale Lions in 2002-03).  How about it Region 1 ? I give you a challenge between your clubs.

But then there is the other course we can take ~ merging with a neighboring district (which would make the territory really large for the DG.  We are fortunate in 14-B because we only encompass one county.  Some other districts have  4 or 6 counties  with 12 counties as the largest (14-G).  O.K. LEADERS I NEED YOU TO ATTEND THE 11/8 CABINET     MEETING

Always willing to Serve and help my fellow Lions,

(P)DG Jim Hartman
Note: A little whimsical (P) in front of my DG lets you know that I am a Past District Governor.


1st VDG Message ~ November

I was engaged in some enjoyable reading looking over the MMR & Activity Reports for the past month.  Kudos to those clubs that take the time to report to their district what they are doing as a club.  A report with “trash bags, brooms, raffle ticket” just does not tell the district what you are doing as a club.  I know that there is more to be reported with your club activities so let’s hear it and do not keep it a secret.  Let us know that your dues are paid (LCI, State or District). Mention that Lion that passed away. Tell us about your upcoming service activity or fundraiser.  In this manner we can get the news out to all the clubs in the district.

October was Membership Month at LCI.  Looking over the reports (at the time of this writing and the month is not over) we have 13 of 35 clubs with a PLUS MEMBERSHIP so far for this Lions year.  October (so far) we have 26 new Lions and only 4 drops.  For the year,  we have 40 new Lions giving us extra helping hands in our clubs.  This makes everyone’s job just a little easier in providing Service to our communities.  When we started the current Lions year our membership was 869 Lions, 40 new Lions with 35 drops gives our membership total as 874.  That is a PLUS FIVE!  Remember that RETENTION is the key in your club.  Keeping those Lions as (satisfied) members makes them want to stay.  Your club should plan to survey its membership with the Club Satisfaction Survey.  This information is located at http://www.lionsclubs.org/EN/member-center/membership-and-new-clubs/index.php

The Centennial Service Challenge is underway (starting this year 2014-15) and will run until the end of Lions year 2017-18.  Your club can earn 4 Centennial Service patches. Each yearly patch has 4 “gemstones.” Receive a gemstone for each project completed during the Lions year. Projects are: Youth, Vision, Hunger and Environment.  The key to receiving this is your club secretary when the LCI monthly report is made to designate under the ACTIVITY section when making the report.  If the       information is not given to LCI they do not know about it.  You have to report it to LCI!  They do not have to be in any particular order through the year.  Presently 17 of 35 clubs have made the reports. Let’s make it 100%

In closing let’s “Strengthen the Pride” and “Strengthen our District” with new “quality” members so we can also have quality Leadership to provide Service in our communities.

Joe Donkin, 1st VDG

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